Your energy partner

GREEN KOALA is a different project as it offers companies different solutions to save up on energy in a professional and organized way and also integrates the different players in the process (client, advisors, engineers and technicians) and the client’s own projects on energy efficiency (consultancy, funding and investment).

We are your company’s comprehensive energy saving manager with an extensive experience of more than 15 years in different energy types and markets:


Natural gas



Solar Energy Self-consumption


Our value proposition consists in offering enterprise clients, especially small and medium size companies a comprehensive service in energy saving divided into 3 basic areas:

· Optimization of energy contracting (Electricity, natural gas, LNG and CNG, Petrol).

· Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption.

· Energy efficiency and saving projects: reactive optimization, efficient lighting solar energy self-consumption.

As for energy saving projects in which we are involved, we also offer the possibility of finding funding and our own investment if applicable.

If the client already has defined efficiency and energy saving projects we help finding funding or we INVEST in them. We are your professional and long-term partner in energy saving.

We are the ideal platform of energy saving projects for clients and engineering companies.