With more than 15 years of experience in different energy multinationals (electricity, natural gas, LNG, LPG, petrol), knowing not only the best offer but also the evolution of the markets.

This experience allows us to offer professional service to improve contracting of different types of energy continuously.

We also deal with claim management from the operators and we provide quarterly follow up reports.


We rely on a platform to monitor electricity consumption that is especially useful for multi-connections. We then propose improvement initiatives according to the obtained data.


We have the experience and professional collaborators to guarantee the following energy saving projects:

REACTIVE OPTIMIZATION: Installation of capacitor banks of high quality and a warranty of up to 5 years.

ILUMINACIÓN EFICIENTE: We study your facility and we offer solutions improving the

lighting quality. These solutions do not only focus on the change of LED, they can also

include occupancy sensors and other type of lighting.

SOLAR AUTOCONSUMO: Estudiamos el consumo y curva de cliente para ofrecer la instalación solar y potencia más adecuada.

LA VENTAJA PRINCIPAL DE NUESTRA SOLUCIÓN: A petición de cliente o buscamos financiación o invertimos nosotros en los proyectos de ahorro y eficiencia energética.